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Personal Finance Brochure

Updated: 6 days ago

Dear friends,

Are you dreaming of a trip to Indonesia or saving for further education? Well, reaching such aspirations tends to come hand in hand with setting solid saving goals and learning about personal finance.

With all the coronavirus madness happening over the past few months, we wanted to create this Personal Finance Brochure to boost your money confidence and equip you with everything you’ll need to succeed in your saving endeavours.

This brochure is a collective input by 5 money-saving experts who kindly agreed to share their knowledge on budgeting, investing and pensions.

We hope you'll be able to find many useful tips that will help you to achieve your dreams.


P.S. We want to say massive thank you to our lovely Co-authors David (@thepfcoach), Timi (@mrmoneyjar), mysterious Mr Avocadough (@mravocadough), Ryan (@makingmoneysimple) and Shaq and Niaz (@millennialmoneyuk).

Personal Finance Brochure_ApTap
Download PDF • 24.00MB

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