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One on Us

Doing social good is at the heart of our startup. And in our lifetime there has never been such a need for acts of good right here on our doorstep-particularly to support our NHS heroes!

Super excited to tell you that we’ve collaborated with Brewgooder! Now every time you switch to faster, better rated or cheaper deals, we will be sending a #OneOnUs pack to someone at the NHS!💫🍺

It’s not much, but with beer nationally recognised as a currency of gratitude, it’s a small gesture to show appreciation to a tireless NHS worker that you don’t know and may never meet🤝

What is Brewgooder?

Brewgooder are a beer brand and social enterprise based in Scotland - they brew great tasting craft beer and use all of their profits to help people build better lives, mainly by funding clean drinking water projects in developing countries. Since 2016, they have supported over 65,000 people out of water poverty.

How does this work?

Simply switch your current broadband or energy provider to a faster, better rated or a cheaper deal and submit your message of support. An NHS employee can then come onto the platform and claim it when they are ready to. They will receive the 4 pack, together with your message on a card. 

What will ApTap's donation cover?

Most of the costs incurred to brew, pack and deliver a 4 pack and message to an NHS employee. We are not making any profit from this initiative.


How do I choose to donate beer or cola?

You don’t need to! After you switch, ApTap will cover the cost to deliver either a 4 pack of Brewgooder beer or Karma Cola to an NHS worker - the choice of which they will receive from you is up to them to decide. Your message will be included with whatever they pick! 

Happy switching,

Team ApTap

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