• Valeria Shreiber

7 reasons why it's not scary to switch

Switching providers is like flicking a light switch. It is quick, easy and will bring some light into your life! Or to the dark side, whichever your preference.

If it's your first time switching energy provider, you might be a bit worried about what will happen and how to do it. Considering switching your energy is supposed to be one of the easiest things you can do, there are a lot of misconceptions and myths about the process that put people off doing it.

Take a look at the top 7 myths that might put you off switching — and why they don’t matter!

1. My power will switch off

A common question, from people looking to switch, is whether their energy will turn off during the switch. In short, no, your energy supply will not turn off when you switch your energy from one provider to another. 

You won't be without power while your switch-over takes place. This is one of the biggest myths around switching. The energy will still run along the same cables, so there's no need for any work to be done to your home. You can carry on living life as usual. Sunday roasts, hot baths and the next episode of your favourite Netflix show are all still on the menu. The only difference you will see will be in your bills.

All the changes that happen are down to paperwork between us and your new provider and then your new provider and your old provider. The energy that comes into your property remains the same and nothing physical needs to happen in your home.

2. My Smart Meter will stop working

Having a smart meter doesn’t affect your right to switch energy providers whenever you want. So if you’ve had a smart meter installed but you want to move to a new supplier, you will still be able to do so.

If it’s a first generation meter it will no longer show the spend amount but it’s likely that it will still show energy usage. A remote upgrade is planned to make all first generation meters multi-supplier compatible. Second generation meters will move to a new supplier with no problems.

The rollout of second generation meters didn't start until 2018, so if your meter was installed before then it's safe to assume you have a first generation meter. However, the best way to find out which type of smart meter you have is to contact the supplier that installed it.

3. Switching is a lot of hassle

It’s really easy to switch. If you use a tool like ApTap to manage your bills we’ll be able to let you know if there are better deals available. When you’re ready to switch you just need to confirm a few more details and then all the work happens in the background. It really does only take a couple of minutes.

It usually takes around 17 days for the switch to complete (including a 14-day cooling off period) and then you’ll be good to go with your new supplier. This is all done remotely, and there are no physical pipe changes, meter changes or home visits required. So. Easy. And you don’t need to do a thing!

4. I’m renting my home, so I can’t change my gas or electricity supplier

Unless your landlord pays your utilities directly, this is categorically untrue. Some tenants simply don’t realise they can switch, while others may have been told by their landlords that it wasn’t possible. You can switch your energy supplier in exactly the same way as anyone who owns their home.

5. Will I actually save any money?

If you switch suppliers, you could get yourself a better deal on your energy and save up to £300 on your energy bills. So, why wouldn’t you switch?

Get to that yoga class, take the dog for a walk, get that promotion you’ve been working towards. And while, you’re busy living life, we’ll be saving you money on your energy bills.

6. I don't need to switch as I'm protected by the energy price cap

Ofgem's energy tariff cap came into effect in January 2019, and places a limit on the maximum amount suppliers can charge for the average bill on a standard variable tariff. But rather than preventing prices from rising, this actually had the opposite effect when the cap level was raised in April 2019, with more than 30 providers raising their prices.

Although the price cap was lowered (effective 1 April) to £1,162, this still won't save you as much as you could save with a fixed deal. Additionally, with the price cap level due to be reviewed every six months, the situation could change so much that it's worth just signing up to a fixed deal so you always know what you're paying.

7. Will my personal details be safe?

The only time we’ll share your details is when you have given us permission, this will happen during the switching process and we’ll then share the details that your new provider needs to set up your account.

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